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14JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthSAMS Medical Clinic in Zaatari Refugee Camp$1,148,210 View
153JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsNew chance-involvement of Syria refugee in stabilized economic life of the host community in Jordan$200,303 View
128JRP Plan 2018 - 2020WASHImprove Hygiene practices in host community$641,795 View
176JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionVolunteer Incentives Programme$476,000 View
227JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Educationmedia literacy$90,094 View
343JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthAccess to life-saving and live -changing medico-surgical care for vulnerable children and young adults refugees and host population living with cardiac and orthopedic impairments in Jordan$1,017,052 View
261JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthMaternity Childhood Center$574,912 View
410JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationEarly childhood Education project for Syrian refugee children - phase 2$459,027 View
262JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsEnhance access to employment opportunities and livelihood for Syrian refugees and host communities in Aqaba and Tafileh$537,598 View
358JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationRefugee Education Initiative$3,163,312 View
322JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionYouth Advancement for a Peace and Productive Tomorrow$450,000 View
288JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsYouth empowerment$325,105 View
305JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationEducation and Protection support for Syrian Refugees children in Jordan 2018-2019$2,150,000 View
297JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthProvision of community based Mental Health and Psychosocial Services for Jordanians Syrian refugees and other refugees residing in Jordan$850,000 View
359JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsAdvancing Gender Equality through Economic and social Empowerment and protection service targeting women and girls$1,436,515 View
363JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionProtection project for the prosperity of the children adolescents and youth that are affected by confilct$894,000 View
313JRP Plan 2018 - 2020ShelterWarm fo Winte Shelter winterization for vulnerable refugee and Jordanian Household$399,635 View
311JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionReduction of Child Labour in Host Communities in the Governorate of Zarqa$489,730 View
320JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionMeasurement awareness raising and policy engagement MAP project to accelerate action against child labor and forced labor$110,000 View
321JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionCommunity Empowerment in East Amman$253,500 View
342JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationChams JOHUD$80,836 View
325JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsBuilding resiliency of refugees and disadvantaged youth in Amman through livelihood opportunities$75,000 View
324JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthPrimary and secondary health care support through a reproductive health clinic inside Irbid Speciality Hospital$2,870,978 View
337JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionRights to the Center 4$68,232 View
329JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationRegional Holistic Education Program for Vulnerable refugee and Host Community Children in Lebanon Jordan and Syria$1,128,111 View
328JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionPromoting Gender Equality and Awareness to Prevent and Respond to GBV in Jordan$1,009,320 View
332JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionSupport Access to Social Protection for Refugees and Jordanian Workers in Construction Agriculture and Quarries Sectors$250,000 View
331JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthCash for health assistance to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians$393,526 View
334JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsBuilding Sustainable Livelihoods for Refugees and the Poor especially Women in Jordan with CARE$206,000 View
335JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionProtecting and Building Resilience Among Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities in Jordan - Phase 2$700,003 View
338JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionPractical Prevention and Response for marginalized groups at risk of SGBV affected by the Syrian Crisis in Jordan$319,419 View
340JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionPractical Emergency Prevention and Response to SGBV and Health among people affected by the Syrian Crisis in Jordan$169,274 View
345JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionImproving the well-being of GBV survivors and raising awareness on Jordanian National Action Plan for the implementation of Resolution 1325 in Irbed ana Mafraq$209,813 View
347JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthProvision of Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Azraq Camp$831,899 View
362JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionStrengthening Case Management of GBV CP in Amman and South$564,659 View
350JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionSawa -Together- initiative to support people with disabilities from the most vulnerable groups in the Syrian Refugee community and the Jordanian host community providing integrated protection services including rehabilitation empowerment and Psycho-social$24,596 View
409JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionPromote the Psychological and social well-being of children in difficult circumstances and their families for better life$541,666 View
366JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionCreating friendly Spaces for women and children refugee in Al-Ramtha$115,148 View
367JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsActivating Livelihoods Referral Pathways Through Flexible Coaching as Alternatives to Cash$1,873,386 View
368JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionCommunity -Based Protection Services- Case Management$698,396 View
371JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthThe effect of increased Self- Efficacy and knowledge on sexual and reproductive health services use among young women refugees$125,836 View
369JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionCommunity -Based Protection Services- Community Centers$2,013,490 View
373JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthCommunity Health Service in Zaatari Camp$359,870 View
378JRP Plan 2018 - 2020EducationEducation Assistance for refugees in Urban Settings in Jordan$713,684 View
374JRP Plan 2018 - 2020Social ProtectionCommunity Based Child Protection Network in South Jordan$116,251 View
375JRP Plan 2018 - 2020JusticeEnhancing access to justice for Refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in Jordan during Refugee crises$1,433,211 View
377JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthAssistance to refugees and asylum seekers with with specific needs for Syrians and Jordanians$1,804,827 View
382JRP Plan 2018 - 2020LivelihoodsActivating livelihoods referral pathways through flexible and responsive coaching as alternative and responsive to cash assistance in irbid and Mafraq$302,327 View
407JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of Health and Mental Health and Nutrition and Child Protection Services for Syrian Refugees in Jordan$7,445,939 View
381JRP Plan 2018 - 2020HealthHealth Assistance for Refugees in Jordan$169,761 View
6JRP Plan 2019Food SecurityFood Parcel Hygiene Kit and water tank Distribution to Syrian Refugee$172,250 View
2JRP Plan 2019EducationIncreased provision of adequate protective and safe learning spaces in Camps$500,000 View
15JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEmployment through Labour Intensive Infrastructure in Jordan Phase III$5,685,050 View
3JRP Plan 2019HealthMostaqbaluna Improve access to primary health and social protection services for the most vulnerable communities in the governerate of Mafraq$300,092 View
4JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsStrengthening The Entrepreneurship Skills of Women for Economic and Social Development in Irbid$35,559 View
7JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionAssistance to Syrian Persons on Concern PoC and host community members in Azraq camp and urban area of Azraq town$2,109,145 View
8JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionCash Assistance to Vulnerable Syrian Refugees and Jordanian families$114,838 View
9JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionUrban refugees emergency support$241,979 View
43JRP Plan 2019Social Protectionpromoting social cohesion and enhanced psycho-social well-being among displacemen affected children in east amman$151,693 View
68JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionMeasurement Awareness Raising and policy Engagement MAP Project to accelerate action against Child Labor and foreced labor$50,000 View
14JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsImproving access to digital remittances and other financial services through digital solutions$53,038 View
67JRP Plan 2019HealthMedical aid for children under 18 and rehabilitation of primary health care centers$442,730 View
40JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of Integrated Awareness and Reproductive Health Services in Azraq Camp including Village 5$939,353 View
69JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionNOIVA Community Center$77,300 View
132JRP Plan 2019EducationProviding Vital Educational Opportunities For Syrian Refugees In Zaatari and Azraq Camp - Certified - Non formal program - Drop Out Program$964,854 View
17JRP Plan 2019HealthSAMS Medical Mission in Jordan$1,077,838 View
19JRP Plan 2019Social Protectionyouth are active members in their communities$1,740,405 View
18JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEmployment through Labour Intensive Infrastructure in Jordan$22,753,128 View
73JRP Plan 2019EducationProvision of TVET for Jordanian and Syrian Youth$549,153 View
20JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionMostaqbaluna improve access to primary health and social protection services for the most vulnerable communities in the Governerate of Mafraq$386,900 View
21JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsDynamic Business Start-Up$50,639 View
44JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProvision of Integrated Services of Awareness and Protection from Sexual and Gender Based Violence at Azraq Camp including Village 5$911,089 View
42JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionFamily Strenhthening for Urban Comunities$360,000 View
117JRP Plan 2019EducationCultivating Inclusive And Supportive Learning Environments 2$770,658 View
66JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionZaatari Youth Center - Phase Four$403,825 View
76JRP Plan 2019HealthReview, develop and update training materials and communication materials in the Ministry of Health$138,886 View
72JRP Plan 2019Healtha practical emergency prevention and response to gender based violence and reproductive health among Syrian refugees in Jordan and Zaatari camp$742,597 View
61JRP Plan 2019Healthimprove equitable access to primary health care for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian in urban and camps$8,902,735 View
62JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of RH services for women girls men boys$2,485,614 View
63JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionEnhancing The Level of Well-being and resilience of Children and Adults in Irbid and Zaatari Camp$328,270 View
91JRP Plan 2019Livelihoodspromoting and improving protection social and economic self-reliance of conflict affected populations in Jordan$481,468 View
64JRP Plan 2019HealthEquipping Hearing and Visual Clinics to Support Refugees with Impairments and Disabilities in Azraq Camp$87,319 View
86JRP Plan 2019EnvironmentImprovement of green infrastructure in Jordan through Labor intensive measures 2$12,021,218 View
65JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionReduce the Vulnerability and Alleviate the Suffering of People Who Are Affected by the Syrian Conflict$265,000 View
85JRP Plan 2019JusticeImproved access to Justice$1,888,937 View
71JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of Health Care Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers$1,018,346 View
75JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionIncrease access to the SGBV Survivors to the protection services$650,003 View
90JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsSkills Enhancement in Information and Communication Technology$5,100,000 View
82JRP Plan 2019Social Protectiona practical emergency prevention and response to gender based violence and reproductive health among Syrian refugees in Jordan and Zaatari camp$1,204,869 View
77JRP Plan 2019EducationEducation and protection for Syrian refugee in Jordan CRS-AHP 2018 2019$1,520,080 View
84JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of Reproductive Health services through supporting Azraq Camp Hospital$2,058,420 View
78JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsPromoting economic resilience and self reliance of vulnerable refugee and host community$233,689 View
79JRP Plan 2019Sheltersupport for Syrian refugees in Zaatre camp and Jordanians in Mafraq and Irbid governorate in the field of social assistance and shelter$155,262 View
80JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsLivelihoods Planning and Guidance for youth in Amman-Irbid-Mafraq-Zarqa. Governorates$1,472,768 View
81JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsPre-Employment Training for Syrian and Jordanian Youth$57,638 View
116JRP Plan 2019HealthContinuation of project 23-2017 -Sheikh Jassim Bin Jabr Al Thani Primary Health Care Center$111,066 View
87JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsTechnology literacy for improving Livelihood for Syrian Refugees and Jordanians Affected by the Syrian Crisis$225,000 View
99JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsMunicipal Business Project MUBU$2,356,930 View
206JRP Plan 2019EducationIncrease the chance for child in Azraq camp in the sixth village to have complete education in the early childhood$330,000 View
89JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProvision of multidisciplinary services for Syrian and Non-Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan$2,415,434 View
88JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsA New Way for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees - Sustainable Solutions for Livelihood$1,422,850 View
97JRP Plan 2019HealthTreating Mental Health Physiotherapy and Social Service Needs of Traumatized Syrian in Jordan A Multidisciplinary Servic and Capacity Bulding Apptoach$1,498,744 View
92JRP Plan 2019Livelihoodspromoting vulnerable women economic and social empowerment Lebanon Jordan and Egypt$541,307 View
98JRP Plan 2019Local Governance and Municipal servicesWaste to Positive Energy$40,764,730 View
102JRP Plan 2019EducationJRS Higher Education$196,664 View
110JRP Plan 2019Food SecurityEnhancing food security$371,202 View
111JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsMedia Gender rights based approach$89,322 View
106JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsStonemason Training Pilot Project-Phase two$188,645 View
104JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsBuild an incubator for community-based businesses and support early childhood program of Ruwwad$550,000 View
230JRP Plan 2019EducationProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities- Education$414,728 View
105JRP Plan 2019Social Protectioncommunity Support Committees$1,881,473 View
115JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionIntegrated Humanitarian Response for Syrian Refugees and Host Community in Jordan$555,006 View
109JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionBetter Access to services for people with disapilites$504,193 View
107JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEmpower Youth with alternative education for better future opportunities$198,400 View
108JRP Plan 2019HealthHealth Assistance for Refugees in Jordan$1,777,799 View
183JRP Plan 2019WASHAddressing urgent water sanitation and hygiene needs of vulnerable communities and host communities in North Jordan$1,002,950 View
133JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProviding Vital Training Opportunities For Syrian Refugees In Zaatari and Azraq Camp in order to improve prospects for livelihood and income$252,069 View
5002JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionAssistance to and empowerment of Women Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable women and girls in Jordan$35,000 View
122JRP Plan 2019EducationSupport for early learning centers at Zatari and Azraq camps$1,252,058 View
112JRP Plan 2019Healthsupport for maternal new born basic medical care child health care and improvement of hygienic standards for host communities and Syrian refugees in the governerates of Zarqa and Mafraq$220,000 View
131JRP Plan 2019EducationProviding Vital Educational Opportunities For Syrian Refugees In Zaatari and Azraq Camp - Remedial Education Program$1,193,807 View
113JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSupporting sexual and gender based violence victims access to services$284,528 View
127JRP Plan 2019EducationSolid Waste Management Campaign for 20 Schools$83,832 View
114JRP Plan 2019EducationEnhancing the educational level of Syrian refugees and underprivileged Jordanian$1,221,155 View
125JRP Plan 2019JusticeGBV Protection Project$302,475 View
136JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionAbility -increasing the autonomy of people with disabilities in Amman and Zarqa$515,594 View
118JRP Plan 2019ShelterShelter support for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in Jordan$250,000 View
119JRP Plan 2019HealthCash for health for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians to increase the accessibility for health services$1,220,700 View
120JRP Plan 2019HealthQatar Charity Comprehensive Center$1,300,542 View
128JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionEstablish a new community Center in Zarqa Governorate$196,848 View
124JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionUnlimited Abilities - The Future of Youth and Adolescents in Jordan$1,993,378 View
121JRP Plan 2019Social Protectionstrengthening and expanding national and sub-national protection systems that meet the international and social protection needs of vulnerable groups most affected by the Syrian Crisis$1,018,744 View
126JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsProvide demand-driven technical and vocational training to youth$1,341,808 View
129JRP Plan 2019HealthMiddle East Response to HIV and Tuberculosis$2,248,085 View
145JRP Plan 2019Food SecurityUrban Agriculture Project$112,471 View
130JRP Plan 2019HealthOptical Devices$17,113 View
134JRP Plan 2019Local Governance and Municipal servicesOptimizing Solid Waste Collection and Transport in Northern Jordan Municipalities$70,132 View
137JRP Plan 2019Healthstrengthening health care services in Jordan$2,239,550 View
242JRP Plan 2019HealthAddressing comprehensive rehabilitation needs of girls boys women and men affected by the Syrian crisis$1,700,000 View
167JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSupport for people with disability in Jordan$783,440 View
139JRP Plan 2019EducationComprehensive Educational Support for Children With Disabilities - Phase 2$1,123,784 View
140JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSupporting Vulnerable Refugees and Host Community Members in Jordan through conditional and unconditional cash assistance and protection-focused activities$3,334,973 View
142JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProviding life-saving protection for refugee and Jordanian children in Jordan through Education in Emergencies-focused resilience strategies$1,108,878 View
143JRP Plan 2019HealthSecondary health care for priority cases of basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care new-borns care and priority medical referrals from camp and non-camp settings$249,994 View
144JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionIncreased Protection Services for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan$134,850 View
148JRP Plan 2019WASHWater Supply to camps by tankers$441,500 View
156JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionResponding to gaps in SGBV services across east Amman Mafraq Aqaba and the south of Jordan$299,992 View
151JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionEnhancing Women Voices in Peace Security and Eliminating of Violence Against Women$246,497 View
147JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionMy right to know$366,768 View
164JRP Plan 2019WASHConstruction and maintenance of sustainable water infrastructure in Zatari and Azraq camps$2,250,000 View
160JRP Plan 2019HealthSupport the Primary Health Care Services for Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Jordanins$100,974 View
150JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionLWF community centerEnhancing the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children and Adults in Irbid Community$274,097 View
153JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEmployment Services for Trade -Oriented Companies$4,223,661 View
158JRP Plan 2019EducationVocational Education and Training and Higher Education Programme for Vulnerable Syrians and disadvantaged youth from host communities EDU SYria II -Additional Scholarship$2,909,920 View
154JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProvision of Child Protection and case management services for SaWC in Amman$705,672 View
165JRP Plan 2019WASHSanitation wastewater and storm water management in camps$600,000 View
155JRP Plan 2019Educationsupport the rehabiolitation of some formal schools in Irbid$450,000 View
166JRP Plan 2019WASHEnhancing WASH infrastructure for vulnerable and specific need high need residents in Azraq Camp$300,000 View
157JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsStrengthening the Resilience of Syrian Refugees and Jordanian Host Community in Irbid and Zaatari Camp in Jordan$352,609 View
159JRP Plan 2019WASHImproving access to WASH facilities$300,000 View
180JRP Plan 2019HealthHealthy Community Clinic$79,310 View
163JRP Plan 2019HealthIncrese acces to rehabilitation services for marginalised pepole and children wity disabilities and their families in Azraq Camp -Zarqa-Maan -and Tafileh Governorates$198,110 View
162JRP Plan 2019WASHDecentralized wastewater treatment and reuse in institutions$190,000 View
175JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsCommunity Based Protection and Integrated Livelihood$716,075 View
186JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsForsa - Enhancement of economic opportunities and access to sustainable livelihoods to Syrian refugees in Azraq camp via vocational training activities and grants$372,900 View
174JRP Plan 2019Healthprovide cash for health assistant for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians$299,960 View
173JRP Plan 2019HealthAccess to Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services for Refugees with Visual and Hearing Impairments and Disabilities in Azraq Refugee Camp$300,000 View
169JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSupport to Strengthening of Child protection response through selected Makani centers in host communities and in 2 syrian refugee camps$57,268 View
190JRP Plan 2019HealthInclusion of children with disability Program$199,934 View
170JRP Plan 2019WASHSanitation and wastewater management in camps$470,000 View
191JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtective and inclusive activities for children with disabilities$241,822 View
203JRP Plan 2019EducationSocial Innovation labs$654,215 View
178JRP Plan 2019HealthOverall surgical care to reduce and or avoid sequela and trauma of Syrian refugee and Jordanian children program-Phase 2$200,000 View
179JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionComprehensive Children access to justice$250,000 View
182JRP Plan 2019WASHImprove access to water to vulnerable households and communities$170,000 View
181JRP Plan 2019ShelterWarm for Winter2-Saftey and improved shelter condition for vulnerable household$304,339 View
320JRP Plan 2019Livelihoodsincreasing access to second chance education opportunities for vulnerable women in Jordan$200,000 View
192JRP Plan 2019HealthJayeen - addressing health and protection needs of marginalised adults and children with disabilities injuries and impairments from the Syrian refugee and Jordanian communities residing in Amman Zarqa and Irbid governorates through comprehensive rehabilit$299,956 View
188JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionAccess to Justice for children in Jordan child centered prevention and protection response$299,922 View
189JRP Plan 2019EducationImplement comprehensive WASH interventions in schools$100,000 View
211JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsResilience through livelihoods for vulnerable jordanian host community and syrian refugees across jordan$3,527,625 View
194JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionBack to School Campigns 2019$136,350 View
201JRP Plan 2019WASHImprove Hygiene Practices in camps$800,000 View
195JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsCharity Bazaar$24,450 View
199JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsVocational training$6,000 View
200JRP Plan 2019WASHsafe and equitable access to private latrine services for men women boys and girls with disabilities in Azraq Camp by constructing private latrines units in shelters$300,000 View
213JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionChildren are Agent for Change$271,860 View
202JRP Plan 2019WASHImprove Hygiene Practices in Host Communities$296,666 View
209JRP Plan 2019EducationRemedial Education Assistance for Children and Tawjihi students - REACT$4,420,794 View
204JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsPre-Employment training for Jordanians Syrians youth$83,966 View
207JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsProviding Sustainable work opportunities in the agricultural sector for Syrian refugees and Vulnerable Jordanians in Northern Jordan$1,173,711 View
24JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionMakani Project - Life skills in Host Communities$819,836 View
30JRP Plan 2019EducationNon-Formal Education Programme in Host Communities$1,684,106 View
31JRP Plan 2019EducationNon Formal Education Program in Camps$813,289 View
32JRP Plan 2019EducationProvide transport services for marginalized children in camps and host communities$1,216,979 View
33JRP Plan 2019EducationSocial Cohesion Program$1,409,862 View
34JRP Plan 2019EducationInclusive Education program$1,262,920 View
35JRP Plan 2019EducationRemedial Education Program$1,733,001 View
36JRP Plan 2019EducationEarly Childhood Education Program$300,000 View
37JRP Plan 2019HealthBaby Friendly Hospitals Recognition System$100,000 View
56JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionThe National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Movement$500,000 View
57JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionYouth Engagement Programme in Maan Governorate$50,000 View
208JRP Plan 2019Livelihoodsformalizing access to the legal labour market for refugess and host communities in jordan$170,864 View
210JRP Plan 2019Local Governance and Municipal servicesCollection of solid waste in camps$753,000 View
214JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionHemayati project$503,550 View
217JRP Plan 2019HealthThe continuation of mental health and child protection services to non Jordanian refugees and vulnerable communities and$7,400,000 View
220JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSupport refugees and care givers$126,425 View
218JRP Plan 2019EducationEnabling access to educational pathways and safer learning environments$2,554,262 View
231JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan - Social Protection 1$638,303 View
219JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsBuilding Resilience Among Refugees and their Jordanian Hosts - Phase II$560,000 View
225JRP Plan 2019HealthEmpowering persons with disabilities through education and income generation in Amman - Health component$230,000 View
222JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionEmpowering Civil Society to reduce vulnerability to social protection risks among highly vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanians$398,985 View
239JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionImproving protraction mechanisms for prevention and response to GBV through a community-based women-led approach in the Governorates of Mafraq and zarqa$508,351 View
228JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsHeart of Amman Programme$1,600,000 View
236JRP Plan 2019EducationEmpowering persons with disabilities through education and income generation in Amman- education component$2,225 View
229JRP Plan 2019ShelterProviding shelter to non-camp Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in four provinces-module$127,402 View
232JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and host Communities in Jordan - Livelihoods$422,570 View
233JRP Plan 2019ShelterProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan - Shelter$444,622 View
251JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionContinuation of Child protection case management services to Syrian Refuges and vulnerable host communities$910,400 View
234JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan - Social Security 2$333,457 View
235JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtection Education Livelihoods and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan - Social Protection 3$296,320 View
238JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEmpowering persons with disabilities through education and income generation in Amman- Livelihoods$330,000 View
237JRP Plan 2019EducationImproving Quality Education Opportunities for Targeted Syrian and Jordan Girls and Boys Aged 7-13 in The Host Communities in Jordan -Phase 6$1,075,926 View
310JRP Plan 2019Healthcash assistance to fill the health gap for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian$1,119,060 View
244JRP Plan 2019EducationI mproved living conditions of Syrian and Jordanian children through integratio and improvement of educational services in Karak$527,742 View
254JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionGirls as driver of change$482,730 View
243JRP Plan 2019EducationCANT WAIT TO LEARN$137,917 View
245JRP Plan 2019EducationImprove the living conditions of Syrian and Jordanian children and improve educational services in Mafra$505,011 View
246JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsImproving the food and nutrition security of Syrian Refugees and host communities in Irbid Governorate - Phase 2$100,045 View
247JRP Plan 2019EducationProject of the Healthy Kitchen for School Feeding in Zatari and Azzraq Camp - Phase 4$2,758,306 View
253JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionSocial assistance and social protection$499,050 View
248JRP Plan 2019HealthInclusive Relief and Empowerment for Syrian Refugees with Impairments and Disabilities in Jordan- Health component$1,294,000 View
249JRP Plan 2019EnvironmentPicturing Climate participatory photography and narrative storytelling of climate change education$8,336 View
250JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsEstablishment and support to home based businesses in Zaatari and Azraq Camps$214,110 View
306JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionCase management services provided in NGOs$1,049,460 View
252JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionEducation and Protection for Syrians in Jordan$1,083,773 View
256JRP Plan 2019Social Protectionwinter clothes$91,029 View
300JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsLivelihood for Youth$500,000 View
305JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProvision of Protection Services for vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees$1,031,831 View
301JRP Plan 2019WASHImprove access to WASH and infrastructure for Ajloun Schools$501,930 View
302JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionConditional Cash Assistance for Child Protection for Syrian Refugee Initiative$141,936 View
303JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtecting Vulnerable Refugee Children and Their Households With Conditional Cash Assistance for Education$288,130 View
304JRP Plan 2019Healthprovision of health awareness services-primary health-and reproductive health for Vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees$1,135,452 View
311JRP Plan 2019EducationHealthy Kitchen Project$4,326,293 View
307JRP Plan 2019HealthProvision of Primary and Reproductive Health Services for vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees$1,350,993 View
316JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionBasic Needs and Winterization Support for Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Jordanians in Jordan$1,293,217 View
321JRP Plan 2019HealthMobile Technology and Enhance Counselling to Improve Family Planning Among Syrian Refugees and Host Communities$222,694 View
329JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionProtection and support to the vulnerable families of refugees and the hosting community in Zarqa and Aqaba AID 11731$545,556 View
330JRP Plan 2019EducationInclusive Relief and Empowerment for Syrian Refugees with Impairments and Disabilities in Jordan - education component$6,000 View
339JRP Plan 2019Shelterprovide adequate shelter to the vulnarable syrian and Jordanian in the host community$3,000,000 View
332JRP Plan 2019HealthAdaptation Implementation and evaluation of HEARTS Technical Package in Health Care Settings in North of Jordan to Improve the Management of Hypertension$149,860 View
333JRP Plan 2019Social ProtectionUrgent winterization support for Syrian refugees and Jordanian community$612,806 View
343JRP Plan 2019LivelihoodsMy Work My Security$2,414,150 View
0JRP Plan 2019Social Protection Donations in kind from the government of Panama$181,117 View